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Magna Mechanical was founded based on the following principles:

  • Practice disciplined management of company’s assets and capital.
  • Diligently monitor and manage P&L, cash flow and debt.
  • Build a talented core group of employees with low turnover by hiring employees that have enough vision to prioritize stability, fulfillment, happiness and long term financial goals over short term financial gains.
  • Management decisions will be based on data and facts not desires or emotions.
  • Prioritize safety, high quality products, and customer relationships over profits.

The Magna Mechanical Team

Shaun Pittman

CEO-Managing Member

Shaun is the CEO, co-founder, responsible master plumber and HVAC license holder for Magna Mechanical. He started in the mechanical trade in 1998 as a piping apprentice with Trinity Contractors. Over the last 21+ years he has held nearly every position within a mechanical construction company: Apprentice, Tradesman Plumber, Journeyman Plumber, Foreman, Superintendent, Estimator, Project Manager and Chief Estimator. He values integrity in his word. If Magna Mechanical makes a commitment to a customer they will make it happen. He uses his unique experience to bring a blue-collar trade person’s perspective to management. He understands that mechanical construction is about the quality and production of the field personnel first and foremost. Shaun has extensive experience in mechanical estimating. Magna Mechanical Estimating provides tremendous value to their customers through budgeting, value engineering, design input and identifying scope holes that can help Prime Contractors secure profitable contracts.


Jay Berney

COO-Managing Member

Jay is the Chief Operations Officer and co-founder of Magna Mechanical. Jay started his career in 1994 in the LP gas industry as a bulk storage construction helper and worked his way to a welder/fitter. Jay has spent his career working in the oil and gas industry in roles from welder, fitter, foreman, superintendent, estimator, to project manager. In 2016 Jay joined a Dallas/Fort Worth based mechanical company as the operations manager and was promoted to general manager. The company profited from Jay’s working knowledge of the field and fabrication and ability to unite the company as a team. Jay’s motivation for forming Magna Mechanical comes from his desire to build a company based on happy employees and the absolute top quality in the industry. He spends great amounts of time working with, and mentoring employees to help them reach the goals they set for themselves. Jay believes that your word is your bond and will do what ever is possible to deliver on a commitment.


We are always hiring talented, dedicated construction professionals with integrity.  Call, email or fill out the form by clicking the button below and upload your resume if you are interested in joining the team!

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Magna Mechanical provides mechanical construction services to industrial & commercial facilities in Texas. We strive daily to distinguish ourselves as one of the premier mechanical construction firms in Texas.  Looking for a quote for your next project? Contact us today. We’ll help you solve problems, design, quantify, and implement solutions for your business.